Estate, Trust and Wealth Transfer Planning

Personalized estate plans for individuals and families to achieve lifetime and post-mortem goals, including generational transfers of wealth, tax-saving strategies, and end-of-life planning.

At The Bowden Law Firm, we take a two-pronged approach to estate planning, with each prong being of equal importance. We listen very carefully to our clients' goals and objectives for their estate planning, and then provide advice on how to accomplish these goals and objectives in an estate plan that addresses specific family and financial concerns in a tax efficient manner. The first prong is to assure that the client's Will or Trust transfers the client's assets in the manner that the client intends, and that the Will or Trust clearly designates the individual or institution whom the client wishes to serve as executor or trustee of his or her estate. The second prong is to be certain that the client fully understands the tax consequences of his or her preferred estate plan and understands options that are available to minimize the amount of taxes that may be owed by the client's estate at death, or upon the later death of her or his surviving spouse and descendants.

Estate plans will sometime require the creation of new legal entities, such as trusts, partnerships or limited liability companies, or the establishment of a succession plan for the family business. The client's estate planning will include consideration of gifts the client has already made and whether the client desires to make, or whether the client's estate may benefit from making, additional lifetime gifts. If the client owns real property in multiple states, has inherited assets or powers of appointment, or has had multiple marriages, issues may be presented that require special consideration and review. Review and revisions to an established estate plan will be needed from time to time as tax laws or individual circumstances change. We also recommend to the client execution of a new (or updated) Financial Power of Attorney and an Advanced Directive for Health Care.

The Bowden Law Firm welcomes younger clients who wish to begin developing an estate plan. When minor children are involved, we advise the clients to designate guardians for those children and to undertake financial planning that will provide for their economic welfare in case of a parent's untimely death.

Attorneys at The Bowden Law Firm are also available to assist families with estate administration when their loved one has died without a Last Will and Testament. Please refer to our Practice Area "Probate, Estate and Trust Administration" for additional information regarding the administration of intestate estates.