Charitable Gift Planning and Tax-Exempt Organizations

Many clients of The Bowden Law Firm desire to create charitable tax-exempt organizations, such as private foundations and publicly supported non-profit entities. Counsel at The Bowden Law Firm for many years have assisted clients with creating such entities, and once created, assisting with their ongoing management and administration.

In addition, the attorneys at The Bowden Law Firm are well versed in the tax and non-tax advantages of various charitable gift planning opportunities for the firm’s clients. Such opportunities often include lifetime donations of cash or securities to publicly supported organizations such as schools, colleges, hospitals and religious entities, the creation and funding of private foundations or donor advised funds sponsored by community foundations, and testamentary bequests to charities. The firm’s attorneys are experienced in the use of trusts in connection with charitable gift planning, including both charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.

Finally, many of The Bowden Law Firm’s clients request legal advice regarding how to structure a gift to a charitable organization to advance their personal goals and objectives. Because of their many years of experience in the field, the firm’s attorneys are able to render such advice and coordinate charitable gift planning between the client-donor and the selected charitable entity.