Estate and Trust Controversy Matters

The Bowden Law Firm has decades of experience helping families to resolve the inter-generational dysfunction and conflict that could otherwise impede the successful implementation of a family’s legacy planning.

Even after a family’s estate plan has been effectuated, counsel at The Bowden Law Firm can advise the fiduciaries who are charged with carrying out the plan on how best to address claims by the beneficiaries that Executors or Trustees have failed to discharge their ongoing duties properly.  The firm also routinely advises professional fiduciaries, particularly in complex areas such as the administration of Special Needs Trusts.  On the flip side, the firm can also represent those beneficiaries who have legitimate claims against the fiduciaries charged with implementing the family’s legacy planning.

The firm’s experienced tax specialists prepare gift tax returns and estate tax returns as required by the successful implementation of a client’s lifetime and post mortem planning, and will represent the person filing the returns in any subsequent audit proceedings that may ensue.  The firm is also equipped to assist a client’s appointed fiduciaries with the preparation of Probate Court returns, inventories and accountings, including those required of Guardians and Conservators.  For Probate Court returns and reports that have been incorrectly prepared by a client or a fiduciary, the firm’s specialists efficiently prepare corrective filings after the requisite forensic analysis.