Estate and Trust Administration

Once a client’s Will has “matured,” the attorneys and paralegals at The Bowden Law Firm are fully prepared and equipped to assist the decedent’s fiduciaries, family members and other beneficiaries with the administration of the decedent’s estate.  From probating the Will in the proper Probate Court, to securing the appointment of Executors, Trustees, Guardians and Conservators, to dealing with the decedent’s debtors and creditors (including the IRS, if necessary), counsel will provide seamless support and service during a very emotional and stressful time.  Counsel will then advise Executors and Trustees in the proper discharge of their duties to the decedent’s intended beneficiaries, including the preparation of any required accountings or Probate Court reports. 

If the decedent dies without a Will, counsel will ably assist the heirs with an intestate estate administration after securing the appointment of an Administrator by the proper Probate Court. 

The firm will also facilitate the appointment of a Guardian or Conservator for any intestate heirs who are minor children or incapacitated adults so that their inheritance from the decedent is properly managed for their benefit.

Counsel will also assist the decedent’s fiduciaries with marshalling any assets that are not subject to disposition under the decedent’s Will or Revocable Living Trust, but rather pass pursuant to a separate beneficiary designation instrument. The firm’s paralegals are well-suited to efficiently assist with retitling the decedent’s assets as required by the estate plan, including real estate, financial accounts, business interests and tangible property.  The firm’s seasoned paralegals serve as an effective primary liaison with the Probate Court and other public agencies implicated by the decedent’s estate plan, e.g. the Social Security Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Georgia Department of Community Health.