We Specialize in Estate Planning for Families Whose Loved Ones Have Special Needs

Counsel at The Bowden Law Firm specialize in planning for families with loved ones who have disabilities and consequent special needs. A comprehensive Special Needs Estate Plan will lay the foundation for a secure future, and an increased quality of life now, for loved ones challenged by disabling conditions.

A Comprehensive Special Needs Estate Plan

A network of Special Needs Trusts, which are designed to be funded from different sources at different times, will supplement and not supplant any means-tested government benefits for which a beneficiary is otherwise eligible as a result of his or her disability, thus maximizing the resources available to fund the beneficiary’s current and future needs. Eligibility for these government benefits is often a prerequisite for accessing many of the programs which foster an individual’s independence, as well as for acceptance into certain community-based residential options, most of which are not available on a private pay basis.

Team of Allied Professionals

Assembling the right team of allied professionals who have specific expertise to address all aspects of the loved one’s current and future care, and who are committed to implementing the Special Needs Estate Plan in an integrated and holistic manner, is critical to ensuring the best care for a loved one with a disability. At The Bowden Law Firm, counsel will recognize and address effectively the myriad issues implicated by the disabling condition of an heir or other intended beneficiary under a family’s estate plan.